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Freshwater pearl diamond halo necklace | B25591


Elevate your elegance with our freshwater pearl diamond halo necklace, an exquisite piece set in lustrous 18K white gold. This necklace features an 8.5mm freshwater pearl that embodies purity and sophistication.

At the heart of the necklace, the freshwater pearl takes center stage, exuding its natural, iridescent beauty. It’s the perfect embodiment of timeless grace, and its subtle sheen is captivating. Surrounding the pearl is a stunning diamond halo, featuring brilliant-cut diamonds meticulously set to form a radiant frame. This halo enhances the pearl’s luster, creating an exquisite play of light and brilliance.

The necklace’s adjustable chain, which can be worn at lengths of 41-46cm, offers versatility, making it suitable for various necklines and occasions. It ensures that you can effortlessly tailor your style to suit any event, from formal galas to casual gatherings. Whether you’re wearing it yourself or gifting it to someone special, this necklace is a symbol of refined elegance, encapsulating the essence of understated luxury.

Pearl size: 8.5mm
Diamonds: D24 = 0.09ct
Chain length: 41 – 46cm

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