When it comes to shopping for an anniversary gift, the options are endless! There are the traditional ideas, which consist of cotton, paper, wood and wool, plus the modern suggestions such as clocks, appliances, silver wear and lace.

I believe the items listed above are great gifts… but maybe for another occasion.

Your wedding anniversary is a special event, a day to remember the moment you made a lifetime commitment to each other. Nothing says romance like a lovely new piece of jewellery!

So here is a gentle nudge in the right direction –

1st Anniversary – Gold, Pearl or Peridot
2nd Anniversary – Garnet or Rose Quartz
3rd Anniversary – Pearl or Jade
4th Anniversary – Blue Topaz
5th Anniversary – Sapphire or Pink Tourmaline
6th Anniversary – Amethyst
7th Anniversary – Onyx, Yellow Sapphire or Yellow Beryl
8th Anniversary – Tourmaline or Tanzanite
9th Anniversary – Amethyst or Green Spinel
10th Anniversary – Diamond or Sapphire
11th Anniversary – Citrine
12th Anniversary – Jade or Opal
13th Anniversary – Citrine or Moonstone
14th Anniversary – Opal
15th Anniversary – Ruby or Garnet
16th Anniversary – Peridot
18th Anniversary – Aquamarine
20th Anniversary – Emerald
23rd Anniversary – Topaz
24th Anniversary – Tanzanite
25th Anniversary – Silver
30th Anniversary – Diamond or Pearl
35th Anniversary – Emerald
40th Anniversary – Ruby
45th Anniversary – Sapphire

Follow the links above to see our wide selection of gift ideas in every price range. If you can’t find what your looking for perhaps we can make something for you – follow the link here for more information on our custom design/make service.

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